Wednesday, April 16, 2008

translation revelation

I had the chance to meet with Marty Myers's Theatre Management class; they were writing sample press releases, using Translations as their example, so they were interviewing me. They had a lot of good questions to ask about my directorial vision, the history of Ireland, the connection to Hawaii, etc. It made me even more resolved to provide this production with a lot of educational material for audiences, via web, printed guide, program, lectures, etc.

One of the students noted that I am in fact a translator (I translated 2 Russian plays by Catherine the Great from Russian to English several years ago). It amused me greatly that it had never occurred to me that I had that hands-on translation experience.

Some students seemed concerned that an audience might not "get" the convention of some characters speaking Irish, some speaking English. But I think it will all be clear in the acting, I have no concerns there.

We were using the phrase Lost in Translation, that might be a usable catch-phrase for the show, thanks Sofia Coppola.